Nominex Labor Exchange is a rapidly developing exchange for trading and farming cryptocurrencies from scratch, without KYC identity confirmation!

Instructions for stacking and farming on the stock exchange:

1. Registration

We confirm the email address.

For security, connect two-factor authentication to secure your funds

2. Send USDT

Transfer to your wallet Meta mask MUST (BEP 20) in any amount in the Binance Chain network.

+Transactions will require a small amount of BNB (BED 20).

3.Buy NMX

Go to the DEFI NMX - MY NMX tab. We connect the METAMASK wallet, buy NMX for half of the USDT that you have on your wallet.

4.Adding liquidity

We go to the Liquidity Pools, select the maximum amount of NMX , USDT will be substituted automatically. Adding liquidity. Getting a token NMX-LP.

5.Stake NMX-LP

We go to personal farming and get NMX-LP steaks. The farming process has been started. The longer the term of farming, the more % is charged.

6. Referrals

We go to the team farming, we invite friends via the link. Team farming increases the % of the amount of remuneration.